Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

It is ADS policy that our products and services meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. From that perspective, our goal from the very beginning of a business relationship is customer satisfaction. We are well aware of the grapevine effect and use it to favorably impact business.


ADS implements continuous processes improvement to earn customer satisfaction throughout the various phases of operations. These phases include engineering, development, design and integration of hardware and software development, manufacturing, installation and service. Our highly skilled Quality Assurance teams ensure compliance with processes and quality plans. These activities are initiated at the pre-contract stage and continue through acceptance of the product by our customers.


ADS tailors our contractual warranties to the needs of our customers. We stand behind our products and services focusing on the goal of customer satisfaction.

Marketing and Sales

ADS takes the initiative in identifying the individual defense needs of our customers throughout the world. Following that, we focus our research and development activities on systems, products, and/or services designed to meet those needs. We market our systems and products either as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor to a variety of governments and defense contractors worldwide.


Representatives of our customers generally test our products before acceptance. At times, customers authorize us to accept our products on their behalf. Whatever the circumstances our primary goal always remains customer satisfaction.