Land Systems

Land Systems

Ready for the challenges
ADS is a leader in providing land warfare systems, products, and services. Our affiliations give us access to resources that entail one of the most comprehensive and diverse ranges of systemic solutions in the defense industry.

A solution for every problem
We are a single source for network-compatible solutions that vary from integrated battle management down to the nuts and bolts of electro-optics technology incorporated in a targeting system. Our complete-solution concept embraces the entire combat vehicle spectrum from system modernization to maintenance depots and lifecycle support services.

Effectiveness on a scale you determine
We provide our land systems either as part of a turnkey or stand-alone solution. Our broad range of solutions puts ADS at the forefront in this field.

ADS specializes in electro-optical and electronic technology solutions for the 24-hour all weather needs of the modern land defense forces. Combining innovation, experience and cooperation, ADS brings product application to a new level of realism. Our systems and product include:

  • TOW Ground Launcher Systems – our systems remain in full production and will be sustained for at least the next two decades. The systems include both complete new systems as well as upgrade kits for existing systems.
  • Fire Control Systems – our fire control systems featuring advanced thermal and laser technology and integration of auto tracking, battle management and laser warning systems are available. In addition ADS continues to support the large base of existing equipment that can take advantage of FCS upgrades whether to meet performance improvement or supportability needs.
  • ARES Product Line – our lightweight hand-held targeting and rangefinding systems allow the user to observe and detect targets in both day and night conditions. They are portable and easily carried by a single soldier. Their advanced technology provides the warfighter with a compact and integrated system comprised of a day camera, thermal camera, laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass and GPS for precise target location.