Border Surveillance & Security System

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Border Surveillance & Security Systems

The Border Control and Registration System (BCRS) and the Border and Site Security (BSS) system are but two of the solutions developed by ADS affiliates to meet modern-day threats to security.

Border Control and Registration Systems for Entry Management

BCRS is an advanced multi-site entry control and registration system for individuals, vehicles and cargo. This intranet-based screening system is deployed at national entry ports or large multi-site agencies and organizations. The fully scalable system can screen all airline passengers prior to aircraft entry without any delays.

Border and Site Security Systems for Quick Interventions

BSS systems are fully integrated solutions, presenting real-time pictures of developing events. They operate with minimal human intervention and have a rapid response time. Attempts to cross secured areas trigger an alarm at the command post. Intervention teams armed with critical comprehensive data on the breaching attempt (exact location and images) are then dispatched.