ADS, Inc.

Electro-Optical Solutions for a More Secure Future

ADS – a US-based international defense company – specializes in the design and integration of a broad range of electro-optical and electronic systems. Recognized as a valued resource for increasing defense and security capabilities, ADS provides the latest exportable US defense technology and services for land, sea, air, and homeland security applications.

Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s Defense

Advanced Defense Systems, Inc. (ADS) is a United States based defense company and offers a wide array of product, system and service specialties for the world market. ADS has the ability to develop and manufacture a combination of new systems, system upgrades and lower level subsystem products from its 352,000 square foot facility in Merrimack, New Hampshire. ADS core technologies include image and signal processing, security sensors, infrared detectors, night vision devices, laser designators and rangefinders, opto-mechanical engineering, surveillance and targeting systems, non-magnetic north-finding and Geo-location technology. Within its facilities, ADS can perform product development, system integration and testing, rapid prototyping, environmental testing, clean room assembly and testing, depot repair and optics design and assembly.
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